About our Company

Analytics & Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd (ABS) has been trading as an ERP and IT support company for over 16 years and is based in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. (The original entity was a sole proprietorship before being formalised into ABS in 2015).

We, at ABS, have a highly evolved ERP implementation ability as well as a deep understanding of database management skills such as SQL and Oracle, we are able to understand and implement strategic reporting systems at all levels of an organisation be it operational or executive.

About the Opportunity

ABS identified a gap in the financial industry. The company has been implementing highly evolved ERP systems for several large companies and recognised serious shortfalls in the integrity of the data and the dynamic reporting capabilities. Functional management and Board members shared the same frustrations. Companies need accurate and timeous reports in order to make smarter and better decisions which ultimately drive the success of any operation. Corporate and Financial Managers need accurate reporting from the second and third tier group entities. They are an integral part of the reporting structure and the analysis that managers need to produce.

When these reports are late or do not reflect the data residing in the individual ERP or other systems, these Managers have to work unnecessary long hours verifying the data in order to aggregate the information which is required to produce meaningful consolidated reports. After extensive research into the tools internationally, it was apparent that the options available were all database specific i.e. could only draw information from one type of database or accounting system. While they may be a solution for a single operation with one accounting and database system, they cannot satisfy the needs of a group that has multiple company holdings with diverse accounting and database systems. With this knowledge, ABS knew there was a glaring need for a product that could easily enable accurate, single source data, consolidated reporting and analysis. 'At a glance' information, such as flash reports and dashboards were also identified as a vital part of any system. wrap-iT was born!

wrap-iT is now a product which is able to satisfy all the needs that have been identified - a solution which is able to produce accurate financial, operational and statutory reporting from multiple diverse groups and operations from a single source while allowing each of the different components of the group to use the accounting packages and databases with which they are familiar. This capability is extremely relevant for organisations which are in the process of adding new operations to their existing portfolio. Acquisitions need no longer be a reporting headache as they can easily be assimilated into the existing wrap-iT structures.