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Welcome to Analytics and Business Solutions (ABS), the advanced IT offering paving the way to the future. We are a team of experience and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for success. We believe that our sophisticated technology is an industry leader.

The Product

wrap-iT is a unique, entirely South African developed Business Analytics Tool which is simple, automated and does not require a high level of skill to operate. Corporate executives who manage multi-tiered operations which have different accounting systems and databases can access dynamic real time reports effortlessly. The product consists of 4 modules which allow corporate management to produce instantaneous up to the second reports. Both financial and non-financial.

  • wrap-iT is a software suite of tools which enables users to view, capture and edit financial and statistical information pertaining to an enterprise.
  • wrap-iT makes use of interactive tables as well as comprehensive graphs to deliver this experience in a unique way.
  • wrap-iT is highly customisable and can adapt to the needs of any organisation.
  • wrap-iT is a cloud based system which uses only the most reliable server technology available today and is capable of processing large volumes of data in seconds.

The Modules

The different modules of wrap-iT allow companies to know that their decisions are based on current single source data. wrap-iT's analytic business intelligence tools, whether it be dashboards, data discovery, mobile BI, storyboards, mapping and collaborative business intelligence make it simple to assess, monitor and understand any bit of data related to the business.

For more information on how wrap-iT works including the implementation process, pricing structure and more information on the modules please go to the wrap-iT product page.

1 get_iT

Mines data from various databases in encrypted format into a cloud-based data warehouse for safe storage.
2 write_iT

Once the information is in the cloud-based data warehouse, the information is drawn into prepared report templates on an interactive dashboard. This is where 'Big Data' becomes manageable and easily analysed as group financial managers can read up to the second reports across any group company, division or department.
3 read_iT

Once the viewer is satisfied with the report it can be published in the user's preferred format.
4 track_iT

Together with the other 3 modules, this tool assists in the daily management of human resources and capital.