• wrap-iT is a software suite of tools which enables users to view, capture and edit financial and statistical information pertaining to an enterprise.
  • wrap-iT makes use of interactive tables as well as comprehensive graphs to deliver this experience in a unique way.
  • wrap-iT is highly customisable and can adapt to the needs of any organisation.
  • wrap-iT is a cloud based system which uses only the most reliable server technology available today and is capable of processing large volumes of data in seconds.

The Process

ABS needs to have a full overview of the resources available in the operation. This includes the servers, software and computers currently in use. Upgrades may be identified at this stage, if any are needed. The next step is to agree upon a scope of work. This an important part of the process and requires your participation as the client. Your requirements must be specified in detail within the scope of work and implementation will commence after you have agreed to the scope of work.

The Implementation

The implementation of wrap-iT requires a global chart of accounts to be created for the entire group of companies. Historical data is migrated from the existing systems on site to the cloud based data warehouse.

Once the chart of accounts has been established, most of the account codes and historical data will be allocated automatically providing a homogenous data source for reporting.
This saves considerable time and cost for the client.
You, as the client, have the use of the ABS cloud server with a dedicated database.

The Cost

The costs include the following:
  1. Scope of work and technical assessment.
  2. Initial license fee.
  3. Annual licence fee. This is determined by the number of organisations, databases and accounting packages.
  4. Implementation fee.
  5. Training and support.
  6. Monthly cloud storage fee. (If required.)

The Modules


Mines data from various databases and transfers it, in encrypted format, into a cloud-based data warehouse for safe storage. The features include:

  • Seamlessly retrieves actual data from the general ledger and other subsidiary reporting systems into the cloud based data warehouse. This prevents any human intervention from interfering with base report information.
  • Collecting data across many disparate systems or accounting packages.
  • The data is encrypted in such a manner that it cannot be accessed.
  • The information is DYNAMIC. This means it is updated instantaneously as transactions change across all the input sites.
  • The encryption process prevents malicious software from intercepting data across group IT systems. This module was pioneered by ABS.

Once the information is in the cloud-based data warehouse, the information is drawn into report templates which were previously set up, on an interactive dashboard. This is where 'Big Data' becomes manageable and easily analysed as group financial managers can read up to the second reports across any group company or department instantly. The features of this module include:

  • Information can be presented in an Excel or graphical format on the interactive dashboard. This dashboard allows the viewer to see at a glance comparative figures across the group and is customizable so that additional fields can be added or removed depending on the requirements.
  • The group financial manager can consolidate all data with the push of a button.
  • Integrity of the information is guaranteed - all information has been pulled from the existing site based ERP and subsidiary systems - no human manipulation can take place.
  • The viewer can 'drill down' to the component figures which make up the reports - e.g. the general ledger transactions or the manufacturing costing components.
  • The viewer can update budgets and see the effect on cash flows and projected balance sheets.
  • Source documentation and or notes relating to transactions can be uploaded - for example, in budgeting, a quote for a capital item can be attached to show why an amount was budgeted for.
  • Extremely user friendly - report templates are easily adaptable.
  • Both financial and non- financial reports can be generated such as reporting needed for BBBEE purposes or HR time-sheets.

Once the viewer is satisfied with the report, it can be published to one of the following outputs:
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Mobile phones
  • PDF format
  • Intranet
  • Web
  • Interactive Dashboards and Embedded Power Point

Together with the other 3 modules, this tool assists in the daily management of human resources and capital.